Vista Mall in Santa Rosa Philippines Growing Attraction

The Vista Mall in Santa Rosa Philippines surprised me when I first arrived. Looking at it from the outside it was very clean and inviting. Once I walked inside I was amazed at how much space there really was on the inside. I came across many beautiful architectural designs in the mall as well. This is a really nice mall and new stores continue to be added.

What I Experienced Coming To This Mall...

This was one of the biggest malls I visited in the Philippines. It seemed pretty new still with a lot of empty spaces for more stores in the future. Everything inside was very nice and clean with a comfortable temperature thought the store. This place has a lot of really good stuff you might not find in other towns or cities in the Philippines.

The Reason For Me Going....

I went to Santa Rosa to buy whey protein for after workouts. Where I was staying in Tagaytay at the time didn't have any store that sold protein mix for shakes. If you need to get some shopping done and its not a problem getting here I recommend stopping here!

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