The Palace in the Sky "Peoples Park" Tagaytay, Philippines

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

I stayed in the Philippines for awhile and got to visit one of the most beautiful cities there called Tagaytay. There is so much to do and see out here and I explored most of it already. This Palace in the Sky is something you wont want to miss out when you visit!

Facts you should know about the abandon presidential mansion....

People's Park or Palace In The Sky was originally being constructed during 1981. It is known to be an old abandoned presidential mansion. It was originally built to greet a USA president ( I think it was Reagan ) but they stop building it when they learned he was no longer coming to visit. Now it is used as a park for the locals and tourists.

The views from the building are really amazing and the catholic designs are everywhere. A good part has been taken over by little stores selling things but can offer you at least a lovely window view of random stuff as you pass. I can safely say this is another trending destination to visit and I could see myself visiting this place again.

Additional information about the area...

Its located in Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines and is known for having some of the coolest weather conditions. It also has other amazing attractions like Sky Ranch Amusement Park. Check out the thrill rides and carnival games! Taal Volcano is another popular place to explore! You take a boat early in the morning and tour many different locations of the volcano. There is so much more to see and the places to eat are great! Hope you get to experience this like me and leave me a comment if you been there or when you make it!

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