San Diego's Beach on Coronado Island

If you love the beach without dealing with the crazy party goers everywhere the beach on Coronado island will be perfect for you or your family. This place was voted the best #1 family beach in the USA! With some many great places to eat and the relaxing sound of waves crashing this is can truly become anyone's paradise who is looking to unwind.

Taking a ferry from San Diego to Coronado Island....

San Diego known for have some of the best weather in all of the USA. Most people over look this place mainly since Los Angeles is more vastly popular. I have been to both of these places and I think LA is overrated. San Diego is kind of expensive but so is the rest of California. One things its known for is the amazing beach it has on Coronado Island. You can drive across the bridge if you have a car but taking a taxi or Uber will cost you more so I suggest the ferry.

I took the ferry for a reasonable price of $10 round trip. They want you to arrive at least 30 minutes before your departure. Its best to book your ride in advance since they do sell out quickly during certain seasons. Takes about 15 minutes to reach your destination coming from either side. The Broadway Pier and the Convention Center are the two places you can catch a ride to Coronado island. At the pier it runs every hour and at the center it runs every 30 minutes.

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The beach on Coronado Island and restaurants....

When I arrived on Coronado island from the ferry I had the most amazing view of San Diego's skyline! As you ride the ferry you will be amazed at the views you will get. There are restaurants and bars all over the place so you wont have a hard time choosing where you want to eat and drink. There are also many bikes for rent which I recommend since this island is fairly big unless you don't mind hiking all over it. I only wanted to see the beach and not the whole island so walking was not a problem for me.

The beach was very beautiful and loved exploring it! When I arrived it was about the end of summer and there was not a lot of people. There is also a very nice resort right on the coast. I stopped for a drink and to get away from the heat a little bit. The surroundings and the noise the waves crashing made me feel like I didn't wanna leave. I could come back here again no problem but next time I am going to rent a bike so I can explore more of it.

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