Parque México - Mexico City Park Walking Tour

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

The time I spent in Mexico City I mainly spent time near areas that had parks close by. Parks in Mexico City are better then some I've been to in the United States. Main reason is that almost every park I visited had free wi-fi to offer. Working on a computer this is very helpful which is why I see so many digital nomads here as well. The country is cheaper to live in then in America and makes it almost a no brainier to at least come to visit. Don't judge Mexico City till you see it! This place could change your view on traveling forever!


When I first walked though the park the first thing that caught my attention was the big naked lady statue fountain. Its hard not to notice don't judge me but anyway its a beautiful area to walk up to. To my right is a big open area for events and stores to open on special occasions. Other people use it to take there dogs and meet with friends. On my left side There is a big area made specifically to be a dog park. Mexico City is so very kind to there animals. They even hold adoptions at this park often. As I walked though the park is was bigger then I expected. They have a really nice duck pond and beautiful lush green plants everywhere. If your lucky you can catch some entertainers here as well. This is a great spot to come check out and its close to a lot of other attractions too!


Mexico has about 70 recognized parks and is know to have some of the best in the world like Chapultepec park. Chapultepec park is also known to be twice the size of New York City Central Park which I think is amazing. They take very good care of the parks and offer many other things like art, statues, museums and public entertainers. I came across a lot of really cool things at the parks in Mexico City. If you are ever uncertain about what to do in Mexico check out one of there awesome parks!

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