Mall of Asia in Manila, Philippines with Amusement Park Seaside

This is the largest mall I have ever been in my entire life! There are a lot of people who come and go out of this place. The Mall of Asia really exceeded my expectations. With so many stores to pick from and with the large amount of people there I still felt fairly comfortable with my surroundings.

What its like inside the Mall of Asia! Manila, Philippines...

When I visited this place there was ample room for more stores but I prefer the open spaces. With the thousands of people inside the store it made it more appealing not being shoulder to shoulder which is something I loth. This place also has a wide diversity of customers that come to see this place and shop some even come to just relax. So many places here have plenty of space so you never feel to cramped where ever you go which I loved.

They have stores on the outside too so if you are feeling stuffy from the inside air there is more to see outside. There is almost every kinda of restaurant food you could want at this place. They even have bars with happy hours so you can really lose track of time when you are here. When you do go outside they have a bridge crossing over to Manila Bay where an amusement park is also waiting to be explored. Nothing crazy like rollercoasters but more like relaxing rides that wont make you feel sick.

What to expect getting to Mall of Asia in Manila. The traffic, parking and transportation...

The traffic in Manila is one of the worst I've been in and I'm coming from Austin, Texas which is also known for having bad traffic. If you are coming from another town or city outside of Manila you will notice there is no stop signs and almost no traffic lights. Most intersections are a free for all and everyone just goes so you cant really just stop you need to push your way thorough very carefully. Once you get to Manila you will see more traffic lights and officers conducting traffic but the lines of traffic are insane most the day.

Finding parking proved to be challenging since most areas had signs up that said parking full already. We circled the area at least three different times till we finally found a parking area that was still fairly empty. Going into the parking area we had to drive up a steep spiral up at least 6 floors that was a little hectic by itself. When we finally reached an open lot a security officer pointed us into the direction he wanted us to park. With so many people that come and go they need people to organize the parking. After parking we were so relived but that traffic had us a little annoyed.

If you are coming from outside Manila with your own car all i can say is good luck because it might prove to be very stressful. Staying in Manila will be a lot easier since you wont have to deal with the chaos outside the city. The traffic will be crazy no matter where you go so if the mall is like 20-30 minute walk I would do that. People driving in Manila are crazy even taking a tricycle, bus or jeepney can still be stressful. Walk if you can this will be a good opportunity to appreciate the city more and also avoid finding parking and paying the fees for it.

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