Journey To The Top Of Taal Volcano In Tagaytay, Philippines

Not many people actually get to see a volcano or even get to hike it. I was fortunate enough to be in a beautiful city that allows me to do just that! The hike was a little challenging but it wasn't impossible. Behold the amazing views of this place and get ready to buy your plane ticket because this is so going to be worth it!

Facts about Tagaytay and what you should bring....

Taal Volcano is visible from all over this remarkable city in the Philippines. Tagaytay is know to be one of the coldest cities in the Philippines so if you want to escape the heat come stay here. I lived here for about 4 months and I can say this would be in the top 3 places to live in the Philippines. They have an amusement park, a casino, about 4 malls, a beautiful park to zip line and an old abandoned presidential mansion you can explore! There are many shopping centers close all around and its packed with entertainment year round and gets crazy during the holidays.

If you are coming here its good to have a light to mid heavy jacket or hoodie. It is sunny for most the days here but when night time hits the cool windy breeze can make you shiver sometimes. As far as dressing in the morning goes it feels like its always either spring or fall here. No need for winter type clothing unless you do get cold easily then you should ware a light jacket some mornings it differs day to day.

What to expect hiking up Taal Volcano....

There are several paths you can take to explore Taal Volcano. We took the path going to the top of the Volcano and took us about an hour to get there. If you are going to hike this place make sure you ask which route your taking before you buy. The paths offered are going to the top, inside, around the outside and many others. I was told going to the top of the volcano was the shortest but I was thinking we are going inside but by then it was to late.

The only way you can explore Taal Volcano is if you have a guide that takes you. There is a huge lake that surrounds it so you need to take a boat to reach this volcano. When you first start walking the volcano its easy coming from its coast. You will see many villagers fishing, kids playing basket ball and horses everywhere. I brought some heavy duty sandals to hike this mountain but that was a bad idea since I kept getting rocks under my feet but I managed so bring shoes. As you walk though the small town you come to a clearing and will start to see fewer trees. Along the way there are littler stores where you can buy water, snacks and even beer.

After about 30 minutes and depends how fast you are at hiking the path starts to get steep steadily. You will begin to notice the path that you take has been carved out from lava long ago and will also see amazing views of Tagaytay behind you. One thing you must look out for is horse poop its everywhere. People who don't like hiking will rent a horse and I can understand that some people just are not as active as others. Once at the top you will see maybe one of the most beautiful sights you will ever see. You get to view the inside of a volcano, Tagaytay's skyline, the islands that surround the volcano and much more. Tagaytay is a wonderful city and I encourage everyone to experience all it has to offer!

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