Island hopping Tours In Coron, Philippines End Of Summer

When trying to decide where to buy your tour package online you have to consider the convenience fee but if you buy in person you have to consider how busy it might be. I got my island tours in person for a great price since it was the end of summer season. The prices can range from $20 group tours to $100 private ones and many other prices for different islands. Coron is a great place to see islands surround you from every side and I cant wait to see them all!


I was pretty excited to be at one of the most popular islands in the world and get to see all the other smaller islands that surrounded it. Most of the islands have natives that live on them and preserve the land. You can still visit most of the islands but some areas are restricted to tourists. This place has about 50 minor islands off the mainland that is still considered part of Coron. The beauty of see so many islands when sailing out to sea was truly amazing!


We set sail to about 5 different locations and each place was equally as beautiful. The first place we stopped was in the middle of the water. I was curious to why we had stooped but then the guide explained there was an amazing coral reef with beautiful fish all around! I wanted to see this myself so I made that leap in the water and snorkeled all around that place. I got some clips saved on the video but most of then got deleted on accident. That was a sad day but still good times. As we contained to sail we went to beautiful beaches as well and saw amazing limestone rocks everywhere. The limestone rocks, clear blue water, coral reefs and beautiful fish will have you wanting more!

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