Exploring the Japanese Garden & Chinese Garden of downtown Portland Oregon

When I was in Portland Oregon I heard a lot of good things about the Japanese Garden. I knew this was a hot spot I had to visit. Since I visited this place I have more of a passion to visit other gardens. I can't imagine gardens being better then this wonderful Japanese peaceful paradise!

Portland, Oregon has the best Japanese Garden in the USA! Koi fish ponds, waterfalls and more!

The Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon has a lot of different types of plants. Indoor plants, outdoor plants and to be honest they look like some of the best indoor plants I have seen.

The koi fish pond they have has many types of koi fish and I get really close to them with the camera in the video. You will also see many waterfalls as you stroll though the garden.

The weather is perfect in September! Check out the Chinese garden too if you have time to kill...

The Chinese garden in downtown Portland is not as big as the Japanese Garden but the Chinese garden actually has nice art and architecture. The Chinese art was great revealing Chinese language as well as its culture in the paintings.

The architecture was just took me away! It made me feel like I was actually in the ancient China culture. If your not looking at the giant buildings on the outside you would feel like it was in China.

This was my first time visiting Portland, Oregon and seeing a Japanese garden. I can’t wait to visit Portland again for some good coffee and comedy as well. I have never been more at peace in my entire life and felt like I have already retired. Don't miss out on the pleasant adventure you can bring the whole family to!

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