Celebrating Dia De Los Muertos Aguascalientes Mexico

This is a beloved holiday of Mexico they celebrate every year! Day of the dead is a celebration were families welcome back the souls of there dead relatives to there homes. Most the time alters are made and pictures are placed around it. They will cook a feast for everyone including the dead! Food, drinks and other treats that delight the soul are placed at the alter as an offering to the spirits. The concept of this ritual is the spirits actually consume the essence of the food. Pan de Muertos is the most acceptable food for the spirits. The bread is typically sweet with a taste of orange. This is an experience you must try yourself in Mexico especially!


In Aguascalientes it is common for many people to visit the dead and relatives at their grave sites. Some people pay to have a really nice cerebration at the grave and others are just happy to be there. Walking through passing them I came across different ways people paid respect. I saw people who stood over in respect, some had chair with umbrellas drinking beer, and one that really caught my attention was a band of musicians playing music for the dead. Shops are posted all around the graveyard selling day of the dead merchandise. One of the most popular thing to buy is a sugar skull with the dead relatives name on it. We picked up a few and used them for the alter later. This is a holiday I think anyone in the world can respect and do themselves.


I was fortunate enough to be able to meet someone who knows his way around Mexico. He was from America but his girlfriend was from Mexico. She brought us to her home town Aguascalientes to celebrate day of the dead with her family. They were very welcoming and always tried to offer us great food. I loved every bit I got and now I am hooked on Mexican food. After we set up the alter for day of the dead some more family members joined us as the host made more food for us and the spirits. It was a truly great experience and felt like I really bonded with spirits that day. Day of the dead is something I want everyone to try once in Mexico or with someone who knows how to do it!

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