Byers Peak - Epic Mountain Ranges Near Rocky Mountain National Park

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Hiking the nearly vertical Rocky Mountains of Byers Peak. I talk about the near by cities to stay at or explore and they are all great! My friends and I also hike this monster mountain reaching 12,804 feet. We almost couldn't make it but the pay off at the end was worth it.

Just a small Drive From Hot Sulphur Springs In These Small, Mountainous Colorado Cities...

I was living in Frasier, Colorado... just a small drive from Winter Park (the famous ski town).

Every day going to work I would look up and see Byers peak towering over us at 12,804 feet in elevation. Really grounds you and makes you appreciate the beauty & power of nature.

Well, after so much appreciation you start getting ballsy & want to climb to the top of it. And all it took was for some friends to come into town for us all to rally and make the epic trip.

The Rocky Mountain National Park Weather is amazing between June to September....

As we set out early in the morning it was a little chilly. But it quickly warmed up as the sun rose. We began walking. I think there were a couple inches without an incline. But then we started going up.

Admittedly, most of us weren't prepared for this hike. We were huffing and puffing along the way. It was a real workout. We must have stopped like five different times. Especially as the air began thinning as we got higher into the air. But the views along the way were absolutely beautiful. That was all the motivation we needed to keep going. We could only imagine how it would look from the top.

As we came closer to the top we lost our shade and no more tress are in sight. All we could see ahead of us is a nearly vertical incline to the top. At this point we all thought about quitting. But the top was now right there in sight. we couldn't stop. How could we live with that??

So we all pushed through to the bitter end and finally made it. The end result was a breathtaking view of the Rocky Mountains all around us! And I mean stunning. Sometimes when I close my eyes I can see it again. How peaceful it was. Being above the clouds. Clean air. No noise pollution. Pure zen.

If you're a semi-active person, you will enjoy the exercise & reward at the end. If you're not an active person, even if you just hike a quarter of the way up, you'll still get some beautiful views. And plenty of nature to admire.

The trip is absolutely worth it. Just have a vehicle that can handle driving up hills. The higher you can drive, the less you have to walk ;) From where we started, it was a 3 hour hike each way to the peak.

It was an incredibly rewarding challenge. And I'd definitely do it again.

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